City Notices and Other Documents


3-4-1 No owner shall allow their dog to run at large within Corsica city limits.

3-4-2 No person having in his possession any vicious or dangerous dog shall allow the dog to be upon any public street, alley, or ground within city limits.

3-4-3 Owner shall register, license, and tag their dog at $3 each with the City of Corsica and renew yearly. Renewals: $3 each; receipt will be sent. New Licenses/Tags: $3 each, with the following information attached: Breed, color, name of dog, photo & proof of vaccination; a tag and receipt will be sent to you.

3-4-4 Records of all licensed and tagged dogs shall be kept in the City Office.

3-4-5 Law enforcement is authorized to kill, remove and bury any dog running at large, contrary to above provisions.

3-4-6 Any person violating above provisions shall be fined not less than $20 nor more than $100 upon conviction thereof.


City Dump Policy
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NO PARKING on emergency routes, Main St.(Hwy 281 to Napoleon), and N. Dakota Ave. (1st to 5th St.) after a snowfall, to aid with snow removal.

Personal snow removal is to be piled on your own property, not on corners or pushed onto the street.

Any snow over 2" ~~ Move all vehicles from streets for snow removal: North/South streets wil be done first, followed by East/West streeets.

All vehicles in violation are subject to $100 fine. (Ordinance 15-1-2)

Your cooperation will be appreciated.
Corsica City Council