City of Corsica Public Service Announcement

Wastewater System

Don’t be fooled. Flushable items are not flushable!

With the limited availability of toilet tissue, we understand that citizens may have to turn to alternatives types of wipes. The City of Corsica in being negatively impacted by these alternatives being flushed down the toilet. Please do NOT flush wipes of any kind down the toilet. The only flushable item is toilet paper. Please dispose of wipes, paper towels, tissues, napkins and the like in the trash.

Many products these days are marketed as flushable. From disposable toilet bowl cleaners to wipes that clean your “bum”. The City of Corsica want you to know that these items can’t be flushed. Some of these items claim the dissolve enough to make it down your toilet but they re-form once they enter the sewer and can cause sewer back up and damage pumping equipment.

The City of Corsica has compiled a list of the items that do not dissolve in the sewer and can cause sewer backups in your home or neighborhood.

Do not flush list:

diapers paper towels facial tissue cotton swabs
baby wipes adult wipes hygiene wipes hair
gum wrappers candy wrappers facial pads dental floss
floss picks cigarettes kitty litter cleaning wipes
medicated needles cooking grease    

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