September 10, 2009

Accomplishments in 2009 

Organizational Development

      Monthly Agenda, Meeting Minutes, etc.

      Establishment of Marketing Committee

      Establishment of Ag Committee

      Establishment of RFI Response Team

      Establishment of Business Development Team

Capital Development

      Acquired 13 acre parcel for South Industrial Park

      Requested funding for Infrastructure improvements to South Industrial Park


      Clarified Roles and Responsibilities for Community Website

      Listed Development Corp. Properties and monthly meeting minutes

      Pursuing other marketing ideas and strategies

Business Development

      Expansion of V&S Trucking into South Industrial Park

      Increased Sales Tax Revenue Totals over 2008

Community Strengths

        Strong Retail Sector

        Updated Infrastructure (included increased capacity for growth)

        Progressive Attitude

        Strong School System (enrollment increase by 5-6 students)

        Diversified Educational System (offers both public & private schooling options)

        Critical Mass of Livestock Producers in area (increased diversity in feedlots)

        Small Community Airport (runway and facilities)

Community Weaknesses

        Human Capital

        Financial Capital

        Lack of Rail road

        Lifestyle Amenities demanded by younger generation (bike paths, coffee shops, etc.)

        Citizens who focus on the negatives rather than the positives

        Communicating the efforts to make Corsica Better


        Telecommunications Capabilities and Limitations


        Horse Sale (Enhancing our efforts to capture new clientele who come to town)

        Vanderpol Collection

        Young Farmers (Embracing their desire to return to farming)

        Housing (Land and Infrastructure in Place)

        Retirees (Attracted to affordable, safe living in Corsica)

        Affordable Housing options for workers

        Lake Development


        Continued Population Decline in the Region

        Compliancy / Poor Attitude

        Financial Stress of Main Street Businesses

        Financial Stress of Ag Producers

        Young Peoples Perception of Living in Corsica (Sell Values vs. Large $$)

 Development Goals for FY2010:

      Affordable Housing

v     GOAL: Encourage Development of One (1) Property Per Category

v     Led by: Mayor Dick and Roger

      Multi-Family Facilities:

1) Ready to Move In

2) $400 - $450 (All Utilities Paid)

3) Includes appliances (Stove, Fridg, etc.)


1) Focused on Older Residents

2) Minimum Maintenance (Grass Mowed/Snow Shoveled)

3) No Steps

4) 2 bedroom / Garage / Roomy

5) For Sale and Lease

      Starter Homes:

1) Focus on First Time Home Buyer

2) $100,000+ Price Range

3) Take advantage of tax credits and other programs

      Value Added Ag Development

v     GOAL: Support a Producer-Lead Ag Committee

v     Led by: Leroy and Dan

      Dairy Development

      Ag Producers Use of Technology

1) Host an Annual Ag Technology Meeting

2) Invite Seed Co., Manufacturers, Farm Implement Co., etc.

3) Bring in Industry Specialists

      Wind Development

      Business Retention/Expansion

v     GOAL: To Be Determined

v     Led by: David Lambert, Grant and Rod

      Re-Educate Development Corp. on Current Businesses

      Focus on Retail and Manufacturing Sector

      Focus on Expansion Opportunities of Local Businesses


v     GOAL: Creation of Marketing Plan

v     Led by: Keith, Sylvia, and Dave

      Better Communication with Public about Dvlp. Corp. Activities

      Better Understanding of Telecommunciations Capabilities

1)      Invite Telephone Cooperative to Speak to Dvlp. Corp.

      Advertise Specific Goals and Community to Greater Audience

      Update Website with More Information

1)      Develop Template/Process to list Available Houses & Lots (including pictures, description)

2)      Identify funding mechanism to help maintain an up to date listing of info

3)      Involve the School and others in the process

      New Business Recruitment

v     GOAL: Create a Business Recruitment Strategy for identified Businesses

v     Led by: David Lambert, Dan, Jamie, Leroy, and Mayor Dick

      Vet Clinic:

1) Work with Pipestone Vet Clinic Relationship


      Bookkeeping Services:

1) Identify Specific Need

      Businesses Related to Equine