Leisure Living Apartments

Part of CorsicaSD.com

310 N. Dakota Ave.
Corsica, SD  57328

Manager: Gina Schrank

"Senior/Elderly Residential Living at its Finest"

  • A spacious, private room

  • Your own bathroom with shower

  • Weekly cleaning of your room

  • Electricity

  • Heating Cable TV in room

  • Your Laundry and bedding washed weekly

  • Property Taxes

  • All maintenance

  • Storage space

Spacious Rooms!

Telephone service is the only extra cost for you!

  • Oak dining tables and chairs
  • Three full meals per day
  • Easy access for your visitors
  • Cozy and warm atmosphere
  • Large community room
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Fireplace
  • Game tables
  • Large television
  • Sitting porch in front

Living without a worry but with the peace of mind that others are nearby-
It's Leisure Living!

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