Our Savior Lutheran Church

 260 East 4th St
Corsica, SD

Pastor: April Peterson
cell: 605-760-6199

Picture of Our Savior Lutheran Church

Sunday School at 9:30
Worship Service at 10:30
Communion Service on the first and second Sunday of each month

September 22, 2019

Sun., Sept. 22 – 9:30 a.m. Sunday School
                           10:30 a.m. Worship (acolyte – Carter Wright)

Wed., Sept. 25 – 4:00 p.m. Confirmation (gr. 5-6) in Stickney
                             7:00 p.m. Program at Leisure Living (see note below)
                             7:00 p.m. Bible Study in Corsica

Thurs., Sept. 26 – 10:00 a.m. Bible Study in Corsica

Sun., Sept. 29 – 9:30 a.m. Sunday School
                           10:30 a.m. Worship (acolyte – Sutten Eide)


Birthdays and anniversaries this week: Alvin Van Zee, Caysen Eide, Darci Neugebauer, Kiefer & Darby Johnson, Laurinda Blom, Cheryl Schryvers


Sept. Ushers: Robyn Denning, Gerrit Norden, Kevin Lefers, Derek Bultje

Readers: Sept. 22 – Jeanette Fink; Sept. 29 – Brittney Eide


**Our Saviors will be entertaining at Leisure Living on Wednesday, Sept 25th at 7 p.m. There will be singing and some readings. We will be providing lunch consisting of a meat and cheese tray and crackers. Everyone is welcome to come and sit with the residents and join in with the singing, they would really enjoy the company.

**The Thank Offering Service will be on Sunday, September 29th with the women leading the service. We will still have our regular offering as well as a special offering which will go to the Women of the ELCA. The special offering can be put in the basket by the door when leaving the service.

**The Prairie Rivers Fall Workshop is being held on Saturday, October 5th at the new church "Spirit of Faith" in Woonsocket. The workshop will be from 9 am to noon with coffee and goodies being served at 8:30. The theme is Come and See. Conference officers will meet with the local unit officers for 1 hour to share and discuss your job or office. Lunch will be served for $7.00 by the ladies of the church. Please let ReVay if you are planning on attending by October 2nd.

**We will be collecting a door offering after church the next 3 Sundays in order to offer financial help for those church members who sustained storm damage in the past weeks. If you had storm/flood damage please inform Vanessa Miiller:   605-770-0276. Text or leave message, or let Ron know at the hardware store.

**OSLC would like to have volunteers to serve on a Christmas decorating committee. give your name to Vanessa If you want to decide how to decorate the church for Christmas

**Sports equipment is once again being collected for the youth in Nicaragua (baseball, soccer, uniforms…) They are planning to ship in December.

**We have the date of Nov.1 to worship @ St Dysmas. Everyone wanting to go will need to fill out new forms, Jeanette & Pastor have the forms. They need to be returned to Jeanette Fink by Oct 14.


**Prayer List - those under doctor’s care
Long term care
Jan Larsen, Rich Crater, Wayne Keizer, Dennis Eggers, Mary Loff (friend of Pastor April), Alex Blom (Ron & Jean Wentland’s grandson), Lila Bohr (Gwen Norden’s sister), Grace Guenthner, Mark Fink (Herman & Jeanette’s son)
In nursing homes and assisted living
Leonard DeVries, George Safar, Jim & Cecelia Oakland, Arleen Bye, Lenora Gruenewald, Edna Sprecher
In the military:
Mason Jensen (Basic Training), Tyler Gerlach, Logan Fechner (grandson of Alvin & Cheryle Van Zee)

Office hours for Pastor April are:

Monday – her day off

Tuesday – 10:00-1:30 (Corsica)

Wednesday – 12-3 (Stickney)

Thursday – 12-3 (Corsica)

Friday – 10-1:30 (Stickney)