Our Savior Lutheran Church

 260 East 4th St
Corsica, SD

Pastor: April Peterson
cell: 605-760-6199

Picture of Our Savior Lutheran Church

Sunday School at 9:30
Worship Service at 10:30
Communion Service on the first and second Sunday of each month

July 15, 2018

Sun., July 15 - Annual Church Picnic
                        10:30 a.m. Worship at Stickney Park
                                Potluck Dinner following worship (see note below)
                        2:00 p.m. Rural Ministry workshop (See note below)

Thurs., July 19 – 1:00 p.m. Quilting 

Sun., July 22 – 10:30 a.m. Worship (acolyte – Megan)


Birthdays and Anniversaries this week: Amber Rael, Roger, Phyllis Bordewyk, Don Schrank, Dan & Sue DeBoer, Avery Broughton

July ushers: LeRon DeVries, Lee Lauck, Dick Brink, Bob Eggers
: July 15 – Worship at the Park in Stickney; July 22 – Phyllis Bordewyk


**On July 27, the Corsica congregations will serve a meal at the Banquet in Sioux Falls. Please sign up on the sheets in the fellowship hall. We need about 30 people to serve and 8 people to prepare the meal.

**Pastor April will be on vacation from July 16-27. Rev. Velma Larson will be on call to provide pastoral care and will be at the parsonage in Stickney much of the time. Her cell phone number is 605-660-6711.

**Please remember Pastor April in your prayers as she is on vacation for the next two weeks. Pray for safety as she travels, and that she will come back rested and renewed.

**Both churches are collecting school supplies to send to Lutheran World Relief, or places that have a need. To complete our school kits for missions, we are in need of pencils (each kit needs 5), notebooks (each kit needs 4), blunt scissors, 2 ½ “ eraser, crayons (box of 16 or 24) pencil sharpener, 12” ruler with centimeters on one side, ball point pens (each kit needs 5 black or blue pens).

**On July 15 there is a rural/small town ministry “round-up” in Wessington Springs, from 2-6. An evening meal and snacks will be provided! The purpose is to build support networks, discover resources, and gather ideas for increasing vitality of our congregations and communities. Please let Ron Lauck or Delayne Persson know if you are interested!


**Prayer List–Pastor April , Bernice Borman, Jim Bolt, Carol Bolt, those under doctor’s care, the people of Nicaragua
Long term care:
Roxy Gerlach, Gordon Anderson, Dorothy Heruth, Vernon Punt, Bea Wentworth, Mark Fink (Herman & Jeanette’s son), Payson Munneke (Roger Safar’s grandson), Toby DeVries (LeRon & ReVay’s son)
In nursing homes and assisted living
Dick Lien, Ruby Bartelt, Jim & Cecelia Oakland, Arleen Bye, George Safar, Lenora Gruenewald, Mina Isakson
In the military:
Matt Mulder

Office hours for Pastor April are:

Monday – her day off

Tuesday – 10:00-1:30 (Corsica)

Wednesday – 12-3 (Stickney)

Thursday – 12-3 (Corsica)

Friday – 10-1:30 (Stickney)