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Preaching: Pastor Jack Gray

Scripture: Mark 11:1-19

Text: Mark 11:18

Message: Children and Chiefs





SERVICE CHANGES (due to Coronavirus): Until further notice, we will be suspending Worship together. We encourage you to listen to Pastor Jack’s sermon, greetings, prayers and blessings online as it becomes available on the church’s YouTube channel. You will also be able to view the service in Corsica on channel 95 until Sunday afternoon.

Here is the link for the Sunday, April 5, 2020 service:


CRC OFFERING: Today—DCS; Maundy Thursday—Chamberlains; Next Week (Easter)—World Renew.

OFFERINGS: Please mail offerings to either of the churches or deposit in the box in back of Grace or G. Veenstra’s mailbox.

BULLETIN DELIVERY: Due to the lockdowns at both the nursing home and Leisure Living, bulletins will be sent by email to the facilities and distributed to our members.

THE EASTER CANTATA has been cancelled. Choir, please keep your books and CD’s and we will reassess our schedule and possible performances after the pandemic crisis is ended.

MONDAY: 7 PM Women’s Bible Study at home via Zoom, Lesson 22.

MAUNDY THURSDAY: Our Maundy Thursday message is “Two Thieves” taken from Luke 23. It will conclude with the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Christ turning the Passover into Communion the night before He was crucified. Please turn to your computers or TV’ to Channel 95 on Thursday evening at 7:00PM for this service. We are making available a special Maundy Thursday evening menu to celebrate with your family. It begins with baptism and ends with you providing your own bread and drink. We hope many of you find this special meal helps fill the void of us not meeting together in church for a traditional Maundy Thursday Service.

SUN., APRIL 12:Resurrection Sunday, which the world calls Easter, will focus on how the song we always sing to begin morning worship, “My Peace," should always remind us that every Sunday is really a Resurrection remembrance. The message “Resurrection Peace” is taken from Mark 11. This service will also be on Channel 95 local TV and your computer. To make it special we will attach some great Resurrection praise songs.



  • Chad Wentland is undergoing treatments for cancer; please pray for strength through the treatments and that they would be effective.
  • Marla (Ann Scholten’s daughter) and others battling cancer, undergoing treatments, other physical problems, shut-ins, residents of area care facilities.
  • Pray especially for our church family members confined to their homes, whether it be a care facility or their own home, due to vulnerability to the coronavirus.
  • Please pray for God’s guidance as we walk with Him through the Covid-19 challenge. May it make us all pause to pray to Him with renewed vigor and confidence that He will keep us all healthy and safe. Ask God to especially make an impression on our children and teens in this time.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Clara Noteboom—100 yrs. (April 7), Hunter Johnson, Aaron Groeneweg (April 8), Dennis Plooster, Slayton Vander Wal (April 10); HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Farlin & Wendy Barse (April 8). Wishing all a great day!

WE CARE FUND: Corsica CRC has a “We Care Fund”, formerly known as “Benevolent Fund”, whose purpose is to help support individuals and families with financial challenge. The We Care Fund treasurer and council members may not be aware of some of these needs, so we ask that if you or someone you know has a real need, please contact the We Care Fund treasurer or any member of the Council for consideration. The fund is available to any Corsica CRC member, as well as anyone of the greater Corsica community. Concerns brought to a Council member will be shared only within the Council.



Sunday Morning Memos: Children and Chiefs

List three ways Palm Sunday events fulfilled the Old Testament.

Hosanna is Hebrew for “Save now, O Lord.” What does this mean to you?

How is the importance of children reflected in the Bible?

Why did children singing “Hosanna” upset the Chief Priests so much?

What is the irony of the first Palm Sunday—and perhaps our Palm Sunday this year?

List two traditions in our churches that keep us from growing and giving God full glory.

What lessons does God want us to learn on Palm Sunday 2020?