About Us


About Us

New Holland Christian Reformed Church
P. O. Box 3
New Holland, SD 57364
Phone:  (605) 243-2250

Our church is made up of many people, but here is a list of some you may need to contact:


bullet Rev. Norlyn Van Beek (Specialized Transitional Ministry)


bullet Myron Veurink, Chair (605) 243-2268 or (605) 682-9175
bullet Bob Holleman, Vice-Chair (605) 243-2294 or (605) 680-4261
bullet Gorden Munneke, Clerk (605) 243-2317 or (605) 680-2827
bullet Tom Steinhauser, Vicar (605) 337-9777 or (605) 941-1679
bullet Marty Overweg
bullet Larry Van Zee


bullet Michael Zomer, Chair/Treasurer (New Building)
bullet Ben Kroese, Secretary (Education Fund, Cemetery contact person)
bullet Tyler Veurink, (Comptroller)
bullet Brett Feenstra (Benevolent Fund)
bullet Tim VanderLey (Local Missions)
bullet Travis Dyk (Building and Grounds)


bullet Wayne Bok (Outside) 243-2242 or (605) 680-2807
bullet Riley & Jamie Niewenhuis (Inside) (605) 730-5103 or (605) 730-1607
bullet Percy & Carol Dykshorn (Fellowship Hall) 243-2247
bullet Cyndee VanderPol (Church-Hall Reservations) (605) 243-2333 or (605) 680-2042

Cemetery Sexton:

bullet Jay Feenstra (Books) (605) 946-5257 or (605) 680-2312
bullet    (Grounds)

Link for - NHCRC-Booklet-2023


Contact hhofstee@midstatesd.net for information or comments about the church.
More contacts on the About Us page.